Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Direct Mail Marketing for Courtesy Mitsubishi

Sometimes nothing beats direct mail marketing for getting your message in the hands of your customers. With the right message and professional looking graphics you can cut through the clutter and drive traffic to your store, website or anywhere else you want.

Here is an example of a direct mail campaign for Courtesy Mitsubishi which we completed recently. The postcard was an additional support medium to the newspaper campaign we were running promoting the great 0% financing offer on any new Mitsubishi cars.

Our client had been using another company for years because they "specialized" in direct mail marketing. However, what that really meant was they provided generic "cookie-cutter" graphics at an exorbitant price, but it was convenient because they handled the mailing list, design and printing. We offered to give it a try and handle the whole project for them. They said yes because they trusted our company and knew we had always given them great looking materials in the past.

Previously, with their budget, they were able to reach about eight to nine thousand residents. Because of the network of great vendors we have put together, we were able to mail out fifteen thousands postcards, nearly double what they had been reaching. This is a great example of why Bob Burch Design is an exceptional choice for your next marketing project. We will stretch your marketing dollars and give you the biggest bang for your buck.

What can we design for you?

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