Monday, May 4, 2009

NAB Convention Flyer for Adrienne Electronics

Each April, one of my clients, Adrienne Electronics, attends the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention. They are a small niche electronics company and so they struggle as a small fish in the very large NAB pond. They came to Bob Burch Design to "brand" them with a high-quality professional appearance to help them stand out at the convention.

Pictured here is a flyer that we created this year to highlight their newest product. The flyer follows the "brand" look we have created previously for other booth materials, including posters and banners. This unified, branded look helps Adrienne Electronics convey to potential clients the high quality and professional products they sell.

One of the big challenges with this client is to communicate technical information in a easy to understand manner. We used a diagram with photos to convey the concept in a simple and easy to follow process, giving potential clients an understanding of how they would use the product.

What can we design for you?

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