Thursday, May 7, 2009

Order Your Used Car From Courtesy Logo

This one is hot off the press, making its first appearance right here. It's the "Order Your Used Car From Courtesy" logo. The Courtesy dealerships are launching a new used car program and they asked us to create a logo for it. Do you have a specific used car in mind that you want? Can't find it anywhere? Maybe you don't have time to search all over town. Courtesy can help. Just give them your specifics and they will let you know when they find it.

We needed to design a logo to brand this idea that also related to the existing Courtesy brand. It needed to convey friendly, helpful service and be attention grabbing, as it would be included with lots of other information. In addition, it would be used in a variety of mediums, so it needed to be flexible and able to be adapted to other applications.

We decided to start with a street sign to convey transportation. We incorporated the Courtesy diamond symbol on it. Finally we came up with our Courtesy customer service man, eager to take down your information and find your used car. The man could appear in different poses to highlight various phases of the car locating process.

The logo flew through the approval process and received two thumbs up from each of the four decision makers. Look for it soon on TV, print and the Web at Courtesy Imports and Courtesy Auto Center.

What can we design for you?

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