Friday, May 1, 2009

Political Advertising For Two Candidates

Political season ended for us in April this year when the two campaigns we had been working on were re-elected in the primaries. Henderson Municipal Court Judge Douglas Hedger and North Las Vegas City Councilman Robert Eliason each won re-election by receiving over 50% of the votes cast in their respective races.

During the campaigns we worked on signage, brochures, invites and mailers of all kinds. You know what they are, you get several a week from all the different candidates. Well, we were responsible for some of the better looking ones. By their very nature, political advertising has very quick turnaround times. There were times when we would get a call in the morning and the client wanted the postcard to the mail house the next day. With the help of a quick turnaround at Time Printing we were able to meet those deadlines.

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